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Due to a manufacturing defect in a selection of Rope Grabs, part number NRG-200-N, Norguard has issued an Inspection Notice for all Rope Grabs provided between September 1, 2015 and December 31, 2016.



This Inspection Notice affects Rope Grabs also included with other Norguard parts, including:


  • NRG-200-L
  • NRK-200S-50
  • NRG-200-N
  • NRG-200-S
  • NRK-200S-75
  • WAH-KIT-1
  • NRK-200S-25
  • NRK-200S-100
  • Norguard Customer Roofing Kits


Please click the image below to download the full Inspection Notice


Norguard NRG-200-N Rope Grab - Inspect.jpg